Red Rattler Ale Recipe

Red Rattler Ale

Red Rattler Ale (23 Litres)

Red Rattler Ale If you’re off your Trolley, jump on the Red Rattler. Drawing its inspiration from Red Trolley Ale, made popular by the Karl Strauss Brewing Company in the USA, Red Rattler delivers sweet malt flavours with a smooth and rounded finish and warm copper-red hues. The recipe includes Amber Malt Extract, specialty grain, a healthy addition of Willamette hops and ferments at a temperature higher than usual. Brewers Note: For more residual sweetness in the beer increase the Caramunich addition to as much as 500g.



  • Colour: Copper
  • Body: Medium
  • Bitterness: Medium
  • Approx. Alcohol Level: Approx 5.8% ABV
  • Naturally Carbonated: Natural


Step 1: Mix

Place the Caramunich III Grain in a plastic zip-lock sandwich bag and crack it using a rolling pin. Stir into 2 litres of hot water (not boiling) and let steep for about 1hr. Strain into a good size pot (around 8 litres) then add the Light Dry Malt plus another 2 litres of water and bring to the boil. Add Willamette hops and boil for 10mins, set the pot in a cold/ice water bath to cool then strain into a fermenting vessel (FV). Add the Australian Pale Ale and the Amber Malt Extract, stir to dissolve then top up with cool water to the 20 litre mark and stir thoroughly. Check the brew temperature and top up to the 23 litre mark with warm or cold water (refrigerated if necessary) to get as close as possible to 22°C. Sprinkle the dry yeast, fit the lid and try to ferment at 22°C.

Step 2: Brew

Fermentation has finished once the specific gravity is stable over 2 days. It should finish in the range of 1008 – 1012.

Step 3: Bottle

Bottle the brew with a priming rate of 8g per litre (2 carbonation drops per 750ml bottle).

Step 4: Enjoy

Allow to condition for at least 2 weeks in the bottle. Expect the alcohol content to be around 5.8% ABV.

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