Nut Brown Ale Recipe

Nut Brown Ale

Nut Brown Ale (23 Litres)

Adding berries to beer is a traditional brewing method, dating back centuries. Your favourite berries in the supermarket frozen section, may be added to a brew, imparting delicious aromas, flavours and a little bit of colour. Presenting in a similar way to a blush sparkling wine, it looks great served in a champagne flute! This recipe is for the more adventurous brewer, looking for flavours and aromas, not normally linked with beer. Expect the yeast to ferment the natural berry sugars as normal, with Brew Enhancer 1 contributing body to the brew.






        • Colour: Brown
        • Body: Medium
        • Bitterness: Medium
        • Approx. Alcohol Level: 4.6%
        • Naturally Carbonated: Natural



        STEP 1: Mix

        Crack the grain and stir into 2 litres of hot water on the boil.

        Remove from the heat and let steep for about 30mins.

        Dissolve the Light Dry Malt with 2 litres of water in the fermenting vessel.

        Add the strained sweet liquid and contents of the Dark Ale beer kit and mix thoroughly.

        Top up to 23 litres with cool water, stir, add the yeast and fit the lid.

        STEP 2: Brew

        Try to ferment at 18C to 21C.

        Fermentation has finished once the specific gravity is stable over 2 days.


        STEP 3: Bottle

        We recommend the use of PET bottles or reusable glass bottles designed for storing beer.



        Bottle the brew with a priming rate of 8g per litre (2 carbonation drops per 750ml bottle).

        STEP 4: Enjoy!

        Store the bottles at or above 18C for at least two weeks to allow the secondary fermentation to take place.

        This brew will benefit from bottle age.

        Expect the alcohol content to be around 4.6% ABV.


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