American Burleywine Recipe

American Burleywine

American Burleywine (8.5 litres)

Looking for a beer to share with Gran’? This is not that beer. Bold, brash and big, it’s the biggest of all beers - an American Barleywine. Wine you say? Called barleywine because the main ingredient is malted barley and due to its near double digit strength, it's closer to wine than the average beer (Hey Boo Boo). Dark, brutal and brooding, even after a long time ageing it still packs a decent hop punch.


  • 1.3kg Diablo IPA
  • 1.3kg Northwest Pale Ale
  • 12g Centennial Hop Pellets
  • Pack of Carbonation Drops


  • Colour: Mahogany
  • Body: Medium
  • Bitterness: High
  • Approx. Alcohol Level: 9.9% ABV
  • Naturally Carbonated: Natural


Step 1 : Mix

Clean and sanitise all equipment that will come in contact with the brew. Add the Diablo IPA and Northwest Pale Ale to the Fermenting Vessel (FV). Fill the FV with cold water to the 8.5 litre mark. Sprinkle the yeast and fit the lid.

Step 2: Brew

Place the FV in a location out of direct sunlight and try to ferment between 16C-18C. It’s important to ferment this brew at the recommended temp as the initial foaming may be volcanic! Note: We suggest you fit a Krausen Kollar, which increases the headspace and holds in the foam. Fermentation should take 14 to 21 days. Once the foam has died down, around day 7, add the Centennial Hop Pellets loose – DO NOT STIR. On day 14 check the Specific Gravity (SG). Check the SG again the following day and so on.

Step 3:Bottle

The brew is ready once the SG has stabilised over a couple of days. If hop debris still remains in suspension, place the FV in an ice-bath or fridge for a day. Gently fill clean PET bottles to about 3cm from the top. Note: Sturdy glass bottles may be used if intending to age this beer for +18mths. Add 1 carbonation drop per bottle and secure the caps. Store the bottles upright in a location out of direct sunlight at or above 18C.

Step 4: Enjoy

After at least two months, check for sufficient carbonation by squeezing the PET bottles. Bottles kept unrefrigerated should improve with age. When ready to drink, chill the bottles upright. The chilled beer may be poured into clean glassware, leaving the sediment behind. Expect the alcohol content to be approximately 9.9%ABV.

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