Mead Ingredient Kit

Mead Ingredient Kit.

Mead Ingredient Kit

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Mead - 5 Gallon Recipe


  1. 12.5 lbs of honey
  2. 4.4 gallons of water (16.6 litres)
  3. 15 tsp of Malic Acid
  4. 7.5 tsp of Tartaric Acid
  5. 1 ¼ tsp of Tannin
  6. 3 ¾ tsp of Yeast Energizer
  7. 5 Campden Tablets 
  8. 1 pkg of Wine yeast 


  1. Dissolve honey into warm water. 
  2. Add into a sanitized primary fermenter with malic acid, tartaric acid, tannin, and yeast energizer. Mix well.
  3. Add Yeast. 
  4. Attach airlock and place in a warm temperature area (within the recommended temperature of the yeast.)

        This kit contains all the essential additives to make your very own mead at home. Note this kit does not contain honey. 

        Included in this kit:

        • Malic Acid (50 gr)
        • Tartaric Acid (30 gr)
        • Tannin (10 gr)
        • Yeast Energizer (25 gr)
        • Campden Tablets (pkg of 25)
        • D-47 Yeast

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