How To Brew Your Own Beer using a Canned Beer Kit (Canned Malt)

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This is a basic process and we always recommend that you follow the instructions of the beer kit you purchased.  

Step 1

Remove yeast from under cap, place malt container in the sink filled with hot water. Let rest for 15 minutes, wash all equipment that will come in contact with the beer with sterilizing solution and rinse well. Place 6 cups of dextrose sugar or 1.25kg of hi-malt syrup (a better product, gives more body and a creamier head) in your primary fermenter. Add beer malt and 4 cans of hot water. Mix well. Fill fermenter with cold water up to the 5-gallon mark. After mixing well, place sterilized hydrometer in primary fermenter. The reading should be around 1.035 S.G. for 5% content. Place primary fermenter in warm area (21-23 degrees C). Sprinkle yeast on top and cover.

Step 2

After 5-7 days the foam should have subsided. It is now time to transfer the contents into your carboy. Sterilize your siphon hose, carboy, airlock and bung. Without disturbing the sediment, syphon the contents of your fermenter into your carboy to within inches of the top. Half fill the airlock with water or sterilizing solution and insert into the mouth of the carboy. Set aside.

Step 3

After 15-20 days sterilize your hydrometer and measure your specific gravity using a test jar or wine/beer thief. Beer should be at 1.004 S.G. or less with no bubbles passing through the airlock. Clean and sterilize primary fermenter, syphon hose, and bottles. Again without disturbing the sediment, syphon the contents into the primary. Gently stir in one to 1 - 1½ cups dextrose into the beer. Now syphon the beer into your bottles leaving ¾ to 1 inch of headspace and cap. Store upright at room temperature for two weeks and then move to a cool area

Step 4

It is now time to try the fruits of your labor. Take a chilled bottle and pour carefully (avoid disturbing sediment in the bottom) into your favorite mug. Take the time to rinse your bottle out now to save time later. Sit back and enjoy. Your beer will improve with every passing day, so try to be patient

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