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Triple Scale Hydrometer

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A must have in the wine and beer making process! The Hydrometer allows you to adjust and estimates the alcohol content of the recipe, by providing accurate readings of the sugar level before fermenting through specific gravity. Using this device is a convenient and affordable way for homebrewers. It also assists in determining when the fermentation process is done.

What is the Specific Gravity Scale?

Floating this device in plain water will give you a specific gravity of 1.000, which is near the top of the scale. Placing this meter into sugary fruit juice, or any other liquid containing sugar, will cause it to float higher than it did in plain water. For example, testing one gallon of water containing two pounds of dissolved sugar reveals a specific gravity rate of around 1.068. You can find this number by searching for the number 60 on the scale (which actually means 1.060) and determining at which tick mark the reading stops.

What is the Potential Alcohol Scale?

The potential alcohol reading of your wine or beer is provided by the specific gravity reading. Rolling the meter around until you reach the PA scale gives you a nine percent PA reading. This means that if you fermented all of your wine or beer's sugars into alcohol, the result would give you a nine percent alcohol rate (according to volume).

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