Wheat Malt - 5lb

GRAINS - Wheat Malt - 5lb
GRAINS - Wheat Malt - 5lb

Wheat Malt - 5lb

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  • Grain: Malted Wheat
  • Color °L: 1.5 - 2.5
  • Protein Total: 12 - 13
  • Moisture Max: 4%
  • Extract FG Min: 80
  • Usage Rate: up to 55%
  • Brand: Canada Malting
  • Similar to: Floor-Malted Bohemian Wheat, Flaked Wheat, Red Wheat
  • Beer Styles: Hefeweizen, Weizenbier, Witbier, NEIPA


In brewing, malted wheat can be used as the base malt at around 55% inclusion for wheat beers and, when mixed with barley malt, wheat malt can improve head retention, improve mouthfeel and introduce flavor changes in other beer types. Used heavily in Belgian style Wit-Beers, also very good for adding body and head, especially to English ales. Use in combination with rice hulls when above 20% of grain bill to avoid stuck sparge.

If you require milling, please let us know. Service of an additional $1.00/lb will be charged.

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