Turbo Yeast Comparison


Here we share the results of a yeast test done in an independent laboratory. Spoiler alert: Lightning Turbo stole the show.

Why Lightning Turbo Yeast is the Best Turbo Yeast

Results: Lightning Turbo Yeast

We at Danny’s take our alcohol seriously, and are always trying to find the best valued products in the industry. We had 4 yeasts compared by an independent laboratory. We were amazed by the results and wanted to share them.

Lightning Turbo yeast cells always appear more robust; visibly larger and budding under the microscope.

Using different sugar wash

The Lightning Turbo yeast shows no change in fermentation with change in sugar (fructose/dextrose) for sugar wash.

Fast Fermenting Turbo Yeast

We conducted 4 Trials Lightning Turbo Yeast was fully fermented within 10 days on all 4 Trials. Fermentation Trials shown that Lightning Turbo Yeast was able to fully ferment within 5 – 10 days in all cases.

Fermentation Comparison Graph for Turbo Yeast Comparison

 Lightning Turbo yeast fermentation's reach densities below 1.0 within 5 days and the yeast is dead within 10. No competitor yeast blend reached either of these benchmarks. One approached near zero live yeast after more than 20 days, but the density was still above 1.04. One reached a density of 1.0, but the live yeast was still almost 40%.

 If you want the best results for your Turbo Yeast, buy the best one we found. Lightning Turbo Yeast.



  • Heather Paananen

    We have used Lightning Turbo Yeast half a dozen times and have consistently good results. Really happy with the product..

  • Todd

    Have used this yeast a dozen times and always great results. I like to use it with the carbon clear

  • medhat


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