Comparing Wine Kit Types

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There are a lot of wine kits to choose from and sometimes it can become overwhelming. It’s all about choosing the wine kit that fits you. At Danny’s we always try to find the best valued products in the industry.


How Do You Compare Wine Kits?

  • The body of the wine
  • The supplier itself
  • Aromas, Flavours, and other characteristics of the final product
  • How well the wine ages over time
  • Most important at Danny’s is the value

Best Wine Kits and Grapes Juices

Wine-Time Elite 4 Week Kits – Entry Level

This is an entry level wine kit, with a lighter body but still flavorful. It is the cheapest wine kit in the store but don’t let the price fool you. It’s still a good final product. Alcohol: 10 - 11%


  • Makes 23L or 30 x 750ml
  • Some customers make 20L batches to make it fuller bodied
  • Best Valued Kit
  • Can be consumed young, ages well 3 months – 1 year
  • Highly concentrated: great to save on shipping costs


  • Not attractive packaging
  • You should make sure to add water into the concentrate bag after emptied to get all the concentrate out

Seasonal Danny’s Juices 5-Week kits– Fresh Juice (Mid-Level)

Our fresh juices are only available at our location but we take pride in the excellent quality that is the final product (not to mention the great prices).


  • Fantastic Quality for the price
  • Makes 21L or 25 x 750ml
  • Easiest to Make
  • Requires fewer steps
  • You get a FREE food grade pail once the juice is transferred
  • Can be consumed with min 3 Month aging ideally.


  • Heavier than the wine kit options as it is a 21 L Pail of Juice.
  • You might need to buy a 5 Gallon carboy for the second stage
  • This is a pick up only product

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Grand Cru International 6 Week kits – Premium Kits

We have been impressed with these wine kits, more specifically the red wine kits with grape skins. If you prefer an extra dry wine, these are the wine kits for you. Alcohol of 12-13%


  • Makes 23L or 30 x 750ml
  • Intense flavors and full bodied
  • Comes with grape skins
  • Ages well 6 months – 14 months


  • Heaver kit (12 L)
  • Has more steps (but well worth it)

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On the House 4 Week Kits

A more popular brand and are known for their consistency. Both kits provide you with excellent, easy to read instructions. Making 23L or 30 x 750ml of good easy tasking wine. With an alcohol level of 11.5%. 

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Orchard Breezin and Niagara Mist 4 Fruit Wine Kits

These kits are great if you prefer sweeter wines. With a great selection of fruit flavors. Sweetness levels ranging from 4 – 5.  And alcohol of 7.0%. These kits are lighter in body but are quite refreshing. Making 23L or 30 x 750ml.

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Original Series – 5 Week Kits

Consisting of a 10L wine kit that makes 30 Bottles with % Alcohol ranging from 11.5% – 13%. Ready to drink and still ages well.

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  • Tammy Ward

    Hi I actually already bottle wine with you guys but I’m visiting friends that make wine in Kitchener and was wondering if I could make something like it with you? It’s a bourbon barrel Cab. Sav. Just asking for the next time. Thank you

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