Fermonster Strainer Mini Mesh

FILTERING - Fermonster Strainer Mini Mesh

Fermonster Strainer Mini Mesh

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  • Made in Canada
  • BPA free and made out of food grade materials.
  • Custom made for our FerMonsters and PET Carboys providing a perfect seal.
  • The product is designed to be reused multiple times and is dishwasher safe (the top rack only). It is also washing machine safe.
  • Maximum recommended temperature of 80C (122 F) (for long term exposure).


Keep hops, chips, oak powder, grape skin, hops, fruit, coffee beans and any other ingredient you can think of inside the Strainer without clogging your equipment. This Fermonster Strainer Mini Mesh will reduce the chance of any potential mess and make the transfer of your wine/beer simpler.




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