Still Spirits Turbo Air Still

Still Spirits Air Still
Still Spirits Turbo Air Still.

Still Spirits Turbo Air Still

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  • Counter Top Distiller
  • Easy to operate - Plug and Play
  • Stainless Steel Body
  • Built in Air Cooling System uses absolutely no water for cooling.
  • Capacity: 4L (1 Gallon)
  • Time: 7-10 Day Fermentation (Approx 2 hours distilling time per 1 L of 40% alcohol)
  • Yield: 2 L of 40% per 8 L wash.
  • Purity: Distills at 60% ABV alcohol before being watered down to 40%.


The Still Spirits Turbo Air Still is a revolutionary product which will be right at home amongst your everyday kitchen appliances. It is air cooled so it uses no water for cooling. Super easy to use. It has a 4 Liter total holding capacity. This unit heats slower and cools faster than other units commonly available throughout Canada by major retailers.

As simple to operate as the kitchen kettle, Great value for money, safe and easy to use which is ideal for the new distiller, can be used for alcohol distillation and water distillation.

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