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Peach Wine - White Niagara Mist Fruit Wine Kit

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  • Wine Colour: White
  • Fruit Flavours: Peach
  • Made in: 4 weeks 
  • Alcohol in Peach wine: 7% 
  • Sweetness: Very Sweet
  • Quantity made: 30 bottles x 750ml Bottles (23L)  


This Niagara Mist wine kit contains everything you need to make fruity sweet white Peach wine. A delicious blend of smooth Chardonnay grape and ripe fruity peaches. Pairs well with pork chops and fruit chutney.

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This Peach wine kit includes the following:

  • Wine Base - unlabeled large bag consisting of grape juice concentrate
  • Fruit Flavour Pack - include the peach Wine flavour
  • Yeast Pack
  • Packet #2 Bentonite - helps yeast activity and clears wine by removing proteins
  • Packet #3 Potassium Metabisulphite - used to prevent oxidation and improve shelf life
  • Packet #4 Potassium Sorbate - used as an anti-microbial agent to prevent re-fermentation
  • Fining Agents Kieselsol (1 packages) Chitosan (1 packages) - removes proteins, which results in a clear stable wine

You can find the required equipment and detailed step-by-step instructions here.

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