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CURBSIDE PICKUP ONLY - M-F 9-5pm. Sat. 10-2 - Winery open by appointment only

8 Gallon (30L) Stainless Steel Brew Kettle, 2 Ports

SKU 813133

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8 Gallon (30 L) Stainless Steel Brew Kettle with fitted steel lid, convenient handles and 2 pre-welded ports

Ideal for brewing a double batch of canned beer kits or partial-mash beer recipes, all-grain beer recipes, and cooking. 

Stainless steel construction makes it sturdy, rust proof, scratch resistant, and easy to clean.

Fitted lid allows contents to heat quickly and maintain a stable temperature. Good for mashing grain while brewing. 

Includes: graduated volume markers, Weldless Thermometer with 4" probe and 3"dial, Ball Valve and Hex Nut (for attaching ball valve to welded port)



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