Fresh Juice Instructions


It is important that you follow the instructions step by step. These instructions are for Fresh Juice

Equipment required:

If you do not have any equipment to start making your own wine, you can buy all the needed equipment at once. If you want to save your time and money this Starter Kit will be ideal for you. You will need:

Primary Fermentor:A food grade plastic container calibrated to 23 L/6 US gal. With optional holes on the lid set for #6.5 Rubber Stoppers. See our Fermentation Equipment

Carboy: A glass or plastic carboy to hold 19 L / 5 US gal and will fit a fermentation lock and stopper(#6.5 for glass carboys and #10 for plastic).

Racking Tube & Tubing: Approximately 5 ft. long flexible, food grade tubing with a rigid plastic siphon rod. Check our Equipment for Transferring

Fermentation Lock & Stopper: Fits into the carboy, and is half-filled with water or sterilizing solution. Allows CO, to escape and prevents oxygen and spoilage organisms from entering the wine.

Hydrometer & Test Jar: Used to check specific gravity of your wine at different stages of the fermentation process.

Wine Bottles & Wine Corks : 25 x 750 ml./26 oz. See all bottling options

Wine Corker to seal the bottles with the wine corks

Solid Bung: Fits into the carboy. Prevents oxygen and spoilage organisms from entering the wine. Use once wine is fully degassed.

Sodium Metabisulphite and/or aseptox for sanitizing anything the wine touches.


  • Sterilize all equipment with sodium metabisulphite solution (50g sodium metabisulphite/gallon water)
  • Mix the contents of the pail of juice using a spoon or paddle and pour the juice into the fermentation vessel. Do not fill container to the top but leave about 10 % space for fermentation gases.
  • Apply air lock to the fermentation vessel
  • Place the vessels in a WARM area (21°C - 24°C/ 70 °F - 75°F) for approximately two weeks and leave undisturbed. Use the hydrometer periodically to make sure the specific gravity lowers as the weeks pass by
  • When the specific gravity on the hydrometer is 0.992 or lower, or the wine is to your liking, RACK it and add Campden Tablets (1 Campden tablet/gallon of wine –> 5 tablets (crushed)/ pail of juice)
  • Reapply fermentation locks with fresh water and place the vessels in a cooler area (approximately 10°C - 15°C/ 50 °F - 60°F)
  • After two or three weeks, when the wine is clear, rack the wine again.
  • Your wine should now be done. Be sure to give it a taste but remember that your wine will taste better with age!