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Sodium Metibisulfite

Sodium Metibisulfite

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50g and 250g of Sodium Metibisulfite available.

Prevents wild yeasts and bacteria growth. Made to sanitize all your equipment (glass and plastic)

Sodium Metabisulfate:

  • White powder (smelly stuff) or Campden tablets.
  • Mixed with water (50 grams per gallon), it produces sulphur dioxide gas (SO2 -smelly stuff)
  • Use to sanitize equipment – pails, hoses, carboys, bottles, spoons, corks, etc
  • If your equipment is clean, it only needs to be sanitized, so use metabisulfite.
  • Gas may be used to maintain corks in a sterile condition (see sheet on corks)
  • Effective against bacterial infection
  • Used to sterilize fresh fruit or grapes before making wine
  • Effective for 24 hours when used in this way – add yeast only after 24 hours
  • Small amounts are added to wine kits or 1 Campden tablet per gallon of fresh juice wine prior to clearing in order to inhibit yeast and to promote clearing. Helps prevent oxidation.
  • The liquid can be reused as long as the sulfur dioxide gas is still produced. ie as long as the solution is “smelly”. DO NOT SMELL DEEPLY

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