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    If you want to cork your wine at home, you’ll need one of these! Corks are the traditional and best way to seal wine for long term aging.

    The hand corker is a great cost and size efficient product that works well for sealing a small amount of wine at a time, such as a single batch. Corks are loaded into a tapered barrel one at a time and are squeezed into the bottle by the force of your hands on the levers.

    The floor corker is the best option for sealing a large amount of wine at a time – it is easy to use and also works better with narrow neck bottles and bottles of different shapes. Three legs gives the floor corker improved stability and a spring loaded base makes it easy to load. Once a cork is placed in the slot, pulling the lever clamps it down to the correct size to fit into the neck of the bottle before squeezing it in. This makes it significantly less strenuous to use than the hand corker.

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    If you’d like more information on how to use a wine corker or which corks to use, check out our blog!

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