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    Sugar and malts form the base of every beer. Malt sugars and sugar is what yeast needs to convert into alcohol and where much of the colour, body, and flavour of a beer comes from. There are a number of options when it comes to sugars and malts.

    Liquid malt extract (LME) is an easy to use product that can be used in partial mash kits or to add sugar to any recipe to increase the malt flavour and alcohol content. IT comes in Light, Amber, Dark, and Wheat varieties suited to many different beer styles.

    Dry malt extract (DME) is a powdered form of malt sugar. It can be used to add body and sugar to canned beer kits. In recipes it can be replaced pound for pound with dextrose corn sugar.

    Dextrose corn sugar is an powdery white sugar that easily dissolves in liquid. It has a very neutral flavour so it adds little to beer in terms of body or character. It can be used to raise the potential alcohol content of wort and is called for in canned beer kits. It is also used to prime bottles for bottle carbonation.

    Grains of course are the ultimate primary source for malt sugar when brewing. At Danny’s we carry a wide variety of malted barley, wheat, rye, and adjuncts. Available whole or milled in any quantity you specify! Perfect for all grain brewing and adding specialty malts to partial mash. See our selection here.

    To learn more about beer making and how to carbonate, or prime, your beer check out our blog!

    7 products
    Malt Extracts & Sugar - Muntons Spraymalt Dark  DME Brewing (500g)
    Dark Dry Malt Extract - 1lb
    SUGARS - Dextrose Corn Sugar 1kg
    SUGARS - Dextrose Corn Sugar 1kg
    Dextrose Corn Sugar 1kg
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    SUGARS - Dextrose Corn Sugar 22.7kg
    Dextrose Corn Sugar 22.7kg
    Sale price $99.99 Regular price $130.00
    Lactose 1lb
    Lactose Powder 1lb
    Malt Extracts & Sugar - Muntons Spraymalt Light DME Brewing (500g)
    Light Dry Malt Extract - 1lb
    MALTS - Malto-Dextrin
    MaltoDextrin (1lb)
    Sale price $5.99 Regular price $6.99
    Malt Extracts & Sugar - Muntons Spraymalt Medium DME Brewing (500g)
    Medium Dry Malt Extract - 1lb
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