Saflager S-23 Lager Dry Yeast

BEER YEASTS - Saflager S-23 Lager Dry Yeast

Saflager S-23 Lager Dry Yeast

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  • Type: German Style Lager yeast
  • 1 Sachet = 1 Pitching for a 5-6 Gallon batch
  • Fermentation Temperature Range: 12-25 C (54-77 F)
  • Alcohol Tolerance:  9% - 11%
  • Liquid Yeast Replacement for: Liquid Wyeast 2565, White Labs WLP-003.-


This Saflage S 23 lager yeast is a genuine German style lager yeast. Ideal for a number of pilsner and lager recipes. Develops the best of its lager notes under low temperature.

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