All Grain Recipe Beer Kit

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    Our all-grain recipe kits are the ultimate way to brew your own beer at home directly from the freshest of sources - the grains themselves. Brewing from all grain recipes maximizes on the unique qualities, colours, and flavours of different malts and can be easily modified any way you see fit with additional ingredients. Recipes will specify, but they normally create 20L (5 gallons) of beer. 

    All Grain Recipe Kits include different ingredients depending on the style, but generally include malted grain varieties, hops, and specialty brewers yeast. Each kit also contains detailed step-by-step instructions on how to brew. 

    To use an All-Grain kit you will have to “mash” the sugars from the grains and boil the resulting liquid with the hops. This requires a large pot or mashtun, a mesh bag for hops, a source of unchlorinated water, and priming sugar in addition to regular fermentation equipment. 

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