Sodium Metabisulfite 225g

STERILIZERS - Sodium Metabisulfite 250g

Sodium Metabisulfite 225g

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Sodium Metabisulphite is a white sanitizing powder (smelly stuff), it also comes in tablets (Campden Tablets). It Prevents wild yeasts and bacteria growth. Made to sanitize all your brewing equipment (glass and plastic). Use to sanitize equipment: pails, hoses, carboys, bottles, spoons, corks, etc. Effective against bacterial infection.



  • Mixed with water (50 grams per gallon), it produces sulphur dioxide gas (SO2 - smelly stuff)
  • Small amounts are added to wine kits or 1 Campden tablet per gallon of fresh juice wine prior to clearing in order to inhibit yeast and to promote clearing. Helps prevent oxidation.
  • The liquid can be reused as long as the sulfur dioxide gas is still produced. ie as long as the solution is smelly. DO NOT SMELL DEEPLY

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