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    The acid content of your wine, beer, or sugar wash is an important factor for a number of reasons. 

    Acids in wine making are important because the level of acid present can create unique flavours, or balance the flavours, in the wine between sugars and tannins. If wine is too low in acidity it may feel “flat” and not age well. However, if the acidity is too high then there may be off flavours that have to be reduced with wine chalk (calcium carbonate). Acidity is also important in high-alcohol wines because it is needed for fermentation - if your must is too low in acid (too basic) it will not be able to complete its fermentation. It is important when using fresh fruit recipes to follow any instructions about adding acid or wine chalk. 

    Acids in beer making are important for changing the character of the water you are using. “Wine Chalk” or calcium carbonate, can be used to lower the ph level of your water. 

    Acids in the creation of high alcohol sugar washes are important because they are needed for fermentation to occur. If using simple sugar water with specialized Lightning Turbo Yeast an acid treatment shouldn't be unnecessary to achieve 23% ABV. However, if you are using a different yeast or different base ingredients it may be necessary to treat your wash with acid so that the yeast can continue to ferment to your desired ABV. 

    13 products
    ADDITIVES - Acid Blend 50g
    Acid Blend 50g
    ADDITIVES - Citric Acid 50g
    Citric Acid 50g
    Acid Test Kit For Wine
    Acid Test Kit for wine
    ADDITIVES - Tartaric Acid 30g
    Tartaric Acid 30g
    ADDITIVES - Malic Acid 50g
    Malic Acid 50g
    ACIDS & BASES - Citric Acid 2kg
    Citric Acid 1kg
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    ACIDS & BASES - Ascorbic Acid
    Ascorbic Acid 30g
    ACIDS & BASES - Acid Blend 250g
    Acid Blend 250g
    Malic Acid 1kg.
    Malic Acid 1kg
    Precipitated Wine Chalk (Acid Reducer)
    Precipitated Wine Chalk (Acid Reducer) - 20g
    ACIDS & BASES - Tartaric Acid 250g
    Tartaric Acid 250g
    ACIDS & BASES - Tartaric Acid 1kg
    Tartaric Acid 1kg
    ACIDS & BASES - Acid Blend 1kg
    1kg Acid Blend
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