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Wine Filtering

Filtering your wine is a great time efficient way to create the crystal clear smooth finish characteristic of commercial wine. Filtering can effectively remove a large proportion of the yeast and even fine microscopic particles in your finished wine to improve flavour, feel, and presentation.

When filtering your wine there are many products available. In general, gravity fed systems are cost efficient but take a great deal of time to use, especially if filtering more than one batch at a time. Electric filter systems such as the Buon Vino Minijet, make filtering quick and easy. Filter pads for any system are numbered from 1-3 in relation to how fine the pads are. #1 pads can be used first as they are more course and good for removing larger particles out of the wine. #3 pads are the finest and produce a crystal clear finish, they must be used after clearing or will clog up.

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