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Oaks & Flavours

Oak and flavours are an excellent way to add an enhanced character to your wine. They can be added during or before fermentation to your must. 

Fermenting your wine with elderflowers creates a strong floral bouquet that can enhance the flavour of white wines, especially if a heavily floral wine is desired, such as a riesling or gerwurztraminer.

Elderberries can add spicy notes and enhanced tannins and colour to red wine. It pairs well with complex styles like Cabernet Sauvignon and Carmenere. 

Many commercial wines are characterized by their oaky flavours. Oak creates more complexity to wines and enhances body. It is generally suited to red wines and Chardonnay.

There is also oak flavour that replicates real oak.

If going for a more authentic route, oak casks are a good way to age and condition your wine to create the signature flavour of a barrel aged vintage.


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  • Wine Additives - Elderberries 28g


    28g of Elderberries Provide colour and aroma to red wine. High in vitamin C.

  • Wine Additives - Oak Stick

    Oak Stick

    Hungarian Oak sticks are an excellent way to add rich oak character to your wine or beer. In terms of flavour they fall in the mid-range; less pote...

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  • $1.99

    Dried Elderflowers (15g)

    Dried elderflowers provide a pale yellow hue to white wines and a pleasant floral aroma

  • Wine Additives - Light Oak Powder 30g

    Light Oak Powder

    30g of Light Oak Powder. Directions on package