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Malbec Wine Making Kit California Ultra

California Malbec

  • $49.99

California Ultra wine making kit consists of the main ingredients needed to brew delicious dry red Malbec wine. A medium to full-bodied, dry red wine with fruit flavors of plums, white and black pepper along with a slew of high profile spices can make for an interesting medley of aromas and flavours.

Food Pairing: A red wine that is adaptable enough to stand up to spicy Mexican, Cajun, Indian and Thai dishes.


Completed in 4 weeks
Volume 7.5L
Output 30 bottles x 750ml
Alcohol 11.50%
Sweetness Dry
Body Medium
Oak None

This wine kit includes the following:

  • Wine Base - unlabeled large bag consisting of grape juice concentrate
  • May contain oak granulars, elderberries, elderflowers, bottle of Flavour Essence, Sweet Reserve Bag (use all items that are included)
  • Yeast Pack
  • Packet #2 Bentonite — helps yeast activity and clears wine by removing proteins
  • Packet #3 Potassium Metabisulphite — used to prevent oxidation and improve shelf life
  • Packet #4 Potassium Sorbate — used as an anti-microbial agent to prevent re-fermentation
  • Fining AgentsKieselsol and Chitosan (2 packages) — removes proteins, which results in a clear stable wine.

You can find the required equipment and detailed step-by-step instructions here.

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