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Chardonnay Semillion  Wine Making Kit California Ultra

California Chardonnay Semillion

  • $48.50

California Ultra wine making kit consists of the main ingredients needed to brew delicious dry white Chardonnay Semillion wine. This wine pairs Chardonnay’s richly complex range of flavours with the suppleness of Semillon. The Chardonnay and Semillon grapes in this blend are grown in California’s preferred growing areas. It delivers a richly complex marriage of flavours, is perfect for early drinking but should also age well.

Food Pairing: Poached salmon, chicken plainly cooked or with cream sauce, creamy pasta dishes, fish and shellfish.


Completed in 4 weeks
Volume 7.5L
Output 30 bottles x 750ml
Alcohol 11.50%
Sweetness Dry
Body Full
Oak None

This wine kit includes the following:

  • Wine Base - unlabeled large bag consisting of grape juice concentrate
  • May contain oak granulars, elderberries, elderflowers, bottle of Flavour Essence, Sweet Reserve Bag (use all items that are included)
  • Yeast Pack
  • Packet #2 Bentonite — helps yeast activity and clears wine by removing proteins
  • Packet #3 Potassium Metabisulphite — used to prevent oxidation and improve shelf life
  • Packet #4 Potassium Sorbate — used as an anti-microbial agent to prevent re-fermentation
  • Fining AgentsKieselsol and Chitosan (2 packages) — removes proteins, which results in a clear stable wine.

You can find the required equipment and detailed step-by-step instructions here.

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