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Grains - Rye Malt - Weyermann

Rye Malt - Weyermann

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Weyermann® Rye malt is made from high-quality German rye to exhibit classic rye malt characteristics. It lends a biscuit-like flavor, with a smooth mouthfeel component, and malty-sweet aromas with hints of bread and honey.  A great choice for rye beer styles or to spice up almost any brew.

25 kg bag of whole un-milled grain is available. If you require milling, please let us know. Service of an additional $0.50/lb will be charged.


    • strong emphasis on typical rye aroma
    • malty-sweet
    • notes of bread and honey

    Beer Style:

    Rye Lagers, Multigrain, Specialty Beer, top-fermented Specialty Beers,


    Color °L 2.0-4.3
    Usage Rate Up to 50%

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