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Fermentasaurus Conical Plastic Fermenter (35L)

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The Fermentasaurus is a Clear Plastic Conical Fermenter that has many great features to ferment your beer, wine, cider, mead or kombucha!

- A sturdy Stainless Steel Stand with handles included in every starters kit
- A 35 L total volume, bigger means less chance of blow off
- Clear and easy to see through
- Butterfly dump valve
- 500 ml collection ball
- Volume markers
- Stick on thermometer included
- Barbed fitting for bottle filling accommodates 3/8" or 1/2" tubing

It is also the first conical fermenter  you can pressurize up to 35 psi because it is made from a unique type of PET plastic.
This could allow you to:
A) Carbonate inside the Fermentasurus
B) Allow it to naturally carbonate inside the Fermentasurus
C) Transfer into kegs using CO2 to eliminate air during transfer

Please note: if you choose to pressurize you will also need to purchase the ‘Pressure Kit” (which comes with floating draw tube so you are always drinking the clearest beer from the top of the keg.)


Fermentasaurus Dimensions:

- Total height with airlock - 37.6 in.
- Total diameter - 14.9 in.
- Tank height - 27.1 in.
- Tank diameter - 13.5 in.
- Top opening diameter - 3.25 in