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Fast Ferment Conical Plastic Fermenter (7.9 gal-30L)


Designed for 19 L-26.5 L (5 gal -7 gal.) batches of wine, beer and other fermentable such as cider, mead and kombucha.

Easier cleaning and storage than traditional bucket and carboy systems.

Primary and secondary fermentation in the same container, which increases sanitation and consistency in every batch

  • Easy access lid for cleaning and adding ingredients
  • Harvest yeast cultures with the yeast collection ball and save hundreds of dollars
  • Large valve allows for good flow of yeast and sediment into the collection ball
  • No racking and no transferring eliminate exposure to oxygen and sediment, which makes the best quality wine and beer
  • Integrated thermowell and thermometer help keep your batch at ideal temperatures to ensure the best quality end product
  • Measures specific gravity before, during and after fermentation with the hydrometer
  • Properly measure all ingredient amounts with the exterior volume markings
  • Siphon final product directly into bottles or kegs
  • Wall mount designed to fit on any standard 40.6 cm (16 in.) North America wall studs