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Acidulated Malt - 1lb

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  • Grain: Acidulated Malt
  • Color °L: 1.7 - 2.8
  • Protein Total: -
  • Moisture Max: -
  • Extract FG Min: -
  • Usage Rate: up to 10%
  • Brand: -
  • Similar to: -
  • Beer Styles: Ale, Lager, Berliner Weisse, Wheat Beers, Pilsners, Pale Beers.


Acidulated malt, also known as Sauermalz or Sour Malt, is a type of malted barley that contains a small proporation of lactic acid. Used to  Reduces pH in wort.

Acidulated malt was traditionally used to adjust mash pH in cities with extremely basic (alkaline water). However, the lactic used also contributes its own distinctive "tang" of flavor to the beer when used in significant amounts.

To calculate the amount of acidulated malt: use 1% of Acidulated malt to reduce the pH by 0.1. (Example: 3% Acidulated malt reduce the pH in mash by 0.3). However, this is an estimate as the exact effect depends on the special conditions in the mash or wort (buffering capacity) and on the composition of the brew water. Weyermann produces their acidulated malt by using lactic acid, which is generated by natural occurring lactic bacteria on the grain. This allows acidulated malt to be used to produce beer styles with a typical “sourish” character like “Berliner Weisse”

If you require milling, please let us know. Service of an additional $1.00/lb will be charged.

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