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Beer Yeasts - Coopers Brewing Dry Yeast (15g)

Coopers Brewing Dry Yeast

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15g sachet of Coopers Brewing Dry Yeast.

Coopers Homebrew yeast is a robust strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae which gives a rapid, clean fermentation with a relatively high rate of production of carbon dioxide. It is a pure strain that has been propagated under strictly defined conditions of nutrient and oxygen supply, temperature and pH control. The dried yeast is kept under cool storage, and packaged under dry sanitary conditions


Fast attenuating yeast producing a balanced flavor profile of fermentation products. This yeast has strong flocculation characteristics, particularly at low temperatures (below 5’C). Attenuation: 72-77%. Under normal fermentation conditions its use will result in a clean, rounded flavor profile comparable to commercially produced beers. It will operate in a temperature range of 16-27’C. Recommended temperature range for kit brewing is 20-24’C or 68 to 75 F.

Moisture % wt 20 >18
Glycogen % dry wt >1.5 >1
Glucose uptake* minutes 90 >85


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