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Fruit Wine Kits

Fruit Wine Comparison Chart

Fruit Wines Kits

Enjoy the fruits of your labour by making your own fruit wine, less preservatives than the average store bought wine and of course the value of making your own wine is always there. There are 3 main ways to make fruit wines:

  1. Making fruit wines at our Urban winery (makes 30 x 750mL bottles)
  2. Make your own fruit wine kit at home (See our Comparison Chart to find the right one)
  3. Making wine from fruits

Making wine at Danny’s urban winery

If your busy as it is, and want to have a no hassle way of making quality wine. Our Ferment on Premises is a great choice. We have the same selection as if you were to make your own at home.

The Benefits:

  • No hassle, stress free, and easy
  • Our brewing facilities guarantee high quality wines
  • Minimal work required
  • Still a fantastic price

Be Aware of:

  • Not Sparkling Wine (but you can cut with club soda)
  • You must be present when starting the wine and bottling the wine

Take a look at our Fruit Wine comparison chart to select the right fruit wine kit.

Feel free to learn more about Danny’s Urban winery, visit us or call us at 519-432-5855

Making your own fruit wine kits at home

You’re interested in the wine making process and want to make wine at home. Similar to making a meal you want to share the fruits of your labour with you family and friends.

The benefits:

  • Lowest costing way to make a fantastic fruit wine kit
  • You control what and how you make the wine kit
  • Pride of making your own wine

Be Aware of:

  • Learn a bit about the wine making process first (it’s easier than most expect)
  • You will have to have to purchase a starter kit (wine making equipment)
  • It’s a bit more time consuming than brewing at Danny’s

Feel free to view our fruit wine kits to buy, you won’t be disappointed.

Making wine from fruits

Just like making wine at home with our fruit wine kits, the main difference is that it generally requires more work on juicing the fruit and/or prepping it. We highly recommend getting a recipe to guide you through this.


  • Making a unique one of a kind fruit wines

Be Aware of:

  • Having a good fruit wine recipe and quality ingredients
  • It can be a lot more work (depending on the fruit)


Fruit wine Kit Compared to Store bought Wines


Store Bought Wines

Fruit Wine Kits

Wild Vines Strawberry White Zinfandel

 Niagara Mist White Zinfandel

Boone's Sangria

Orchard Breezin Orange Sangria

Arbor Mist White Pear Pinot Grigio

Niagara Mist White Pear Pinot Grigio

Girls' Night Out Sangria

Orchard Breezin Orange Sangria

XOXO Red Sangria

Orchard Breezin Orange Sangria

Wild Vines Blackberry Merlot

Orchard Breezin Blackberry Blast

Wild Vines Tropical Chardonnay

Niagara Mist Tropical Fruit Riesling