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Call for Mural Artists

Call for artists

Danny’s Wine & Beer invites Ontario-based artists (including artist teams) to submit their drafts designs to the first stage of a competition for Review. For this project, the Danny’s Wine & Beer Supplies is seeking public artwork to celebrate the values and authenticity in which Danny’s Wine and Beer and the Hamilton Road Area exudes.


Design and display mural onto the façade of 127 Hamilton Road

Although not required, we believe in usable art – being on the corner of “William Street” and “Hamilton Road”, we envision the incorporation of the street names within the mural. So that the art can also be a landmark in the area.

Also, due to the limited front greenspace, we were unable to participate in the “Hamilton Tree Trunk Tour”, having a minor incorporation in the William side wall of the mural with this would allow us to participate in an innovative way.

Lastly, we would like to incorporate the Danny’s logo above the white awning on Hamilton road.


Hamilton Road is one of the most used roads for traversing London. With over 18,000 daily cars traveling on this corridor. The history of Hamilton road is colorful and filled with originality. The Hamilton Road Corridor has the largest real-estate grouping of independently owned, multi-generational, multi-cultural, businesses within the City of London. Mixed with industrial, mixed residential and commercial properties throughout the corridor. This Hodge-podge of properties exemplifies the character of Hamilton Road; and in turn; Danny’s Wine and Beer Supplies.

Some values that are aligned with both Hamilton Road and Danny’s are:  Versatile, Resilient, Real, Secure, Honest, Committed, Resourceful.

Danny’s Wine & Beer Supplies

Established in 1982, by Daniel and Maria, operated by Maria (a women operator was a rarity at that time) with an initial goal of being able to work while raise her children at the same time. Combined, the couple’s entrepreneurial spirit had them experimenting with different products to serve the local community - consisting of mostly European Immigrants at the time. From a selection of construction supplies, European styled shoes, gift ware, jewelry and wine making supplies. As time progressed, the focus and expertise that eventually settled for the Husband-and-Wife team was wine making supplies.  

With the growth of the Home brewing movement in the 90’s, and the marriage of the love of both beverages – they then moved into the home beer making market. Constantly innovating by opening up a winery on site. In late 90’s Danny and Maria were wrongly fined by the AGCO for “bootlegging”; a minor fine of $500. Instead of paying and admitting guilt to unfounded claims, they decided to spend more than 2 years in Provincial Courts, to not only prove their innocence against the AGCO but also set precedence which now allows for some of the looser alcohol laws we are able to enjoy today.

In 2010 and present, the pairs children David and Sandra started to get more involved with the business by helping and progressing it. Now, in 2021 – the brother and sister team are fully involved and committed to the progression and success of the business. Establishing an online presence that sells locally and internationally. The second generation of this business is looking to honor the past with their eye on the future.

We at Danny’s are a DIY store, we bring value to our community, because we are always looking at how a customer can save money, and enjoy their creations with their friends and family. We focus on the long run and focus on the fostering fruitful long-term relationships with our customers verses the “quick buck and run” mentality.

The 127 Hamilton Road Site

With an odd 130 degree building, the design aligns to the road design allowing for a larger frontage than typically found on straight edge corners. Previous to Danny’s the site hosted “Robbie’s Pizza” a popular spot in the 60’s with flashy bulb filled signage and restaurant seating, it was the “go to spot” for teens and young adult to visit.  

As ownership changed, Danny made sure to be true to his roots, by adding a vine on a small patch of open earth. Now, every year – customers and passer buyers eat the grapes for free at their leisure. At the same time, wooden barrel flower pots and, cut out barrels were put on the sidewalls of the building.

Due to high levels of graffiti in the late 2000’s – David spearheaded the task of adding a mural on the sidewall. With no professional experience or training, they set out to paint and in true DIY fashion “figured it out”.  

As of present, we are the family business is looking to expand on the theme of this mural.

Selection and Bursary:

The artwork will be selected through a closed, two-stage competition. One candidate (or group of candidates) will be selected by a Danny’s Wine & Beer to advance as based on:

  • Design drafts received
  • Proposed Budget (Includes work, material, etc.)
  • Previous work

First Submission Deadline:  June 9, 2021, 4:00 p.m. 

NOTE: Although we are committing to one finalist, we are open to seriously reviewing more than one artist for other walls of the building.


  1. Artists will submit, past works and proposed sketch for this project
  2. Finalists will be contacted with any Question & Answers (for both parties)
  3. Final selection will be made, all finalists will be notified of results.
  4. 25% of deposit will be disbursed and remainder will be given upon completion of project

Email submissions to:

Location: 127 Hamilton Road, London, Ontario 
Town/City: London, Ontario
Start Date: 10-May-2021

Submission Deadline: 9-June-2021