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Wine Yeasts - Lalvin Bourgovin RC 212 Yeast

Lalvin Bourgovin RC 212 Yeast

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5g sachet of Lalvin Bourgovin RC 212 Yeast.

Lalvin RC-212 Able to ferment heavier red wines. Low foaming, moderate-speed fermentor, optimal temp between 15-30 degrees C. Recommended for full reds. Aromas of ripe berry and fruit are emphasized while respecting peppery and spicy notes.

Microbiological Properties: 

The RC 212 is a low-foaming moderate-speed fermenter with an optimum fermentation temperature ranging from 20° to 30°C (68° to 86°F). A very low producer of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and sulfur dioxide (SO2), the RC 212 shows good alcohol tolerance to 16%. The RC 212 is recommended for red varieties where full extraction is desired. Lighter red varieties also benefit from the improved extraction while color stability is maintained throughout fermentation and aging. Aromas of ripe berry and fruit are emphasized while respecting pepper and spicy notes.


Red winemaking: 25 to 40 g/hL.


Rehydrate RC 212 in 5 times its weight of potable water at 40°C. Let stand for at least 20 minutes then gently stir occasionally to break up any clumps. Add to the must.

  • The total rehydration duration should never exceed 45 minutes
  • Avoid cold shocking the yeast. The temperature drop between the must to be inoculated and the rehydration medium should never be >10°c
  • It is essential to rehydrate the yeast in a clean container.
  • Initial rehydration in must is not advisable

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