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CURBSIDE PICKUP ONLY: M-F 9am-5pm. Sat.10am-2pm - Winery open by appointment only
CURBSIDE PICKUP ONLY - M-F 9-5pm. Sat. 10-2 - Winery open by appointment only

High Alcohol

Starter Kits, Distilling Equipment, Alcohol Flavours, Ingredients, additives, supplies, storage and jugs, cleaning and sanitizing. 

Whether it’s sugar, grains, specialized high alcohol yielding yeast, flavour essences, equipment kits, replacement parts and accessories for equipment, bottles, stoppers, sanitizing products, and anything else involved in fermenting high alcohol beverages Danny’s is the place to shop!

If this is your first time fermenting at home, or your looking to replace your old equipment make sure to browse our all-in-one value oriented starter kit and equipment packages containing all of your fermentation and transferring needs.

Browse a number of Still Spirits products, accessories, and replacement parts. 

Danny’s carries a vast selection of alcohol essences and flavour bases that are perfect for turning your finished washes into your favourite beverages. Browse cream based liqueurs, whiskey, rum, brandy, and more! Also can be used in baking!

Whatever the wash you are making, Danny’s carries the best ingredients for high alcohol fermentation - sugars, grains, specially formulated yeasts like Lightning Turbo Yeast for use in sugar water and yeasts adapted for various sugar sources like cane (Rum Yeast) or grains (Whiskey Yeast).

Our additives collection will help you make the best washes with yeast nutrients and energizers, acid adjustment and testing products, and stabilizers and clarifiers.

Whether you are a seasoned homebrewer or are just beginning, Danny’s has all the equipment you desire at great prices. Replace parts for your already existing equipment, and find a host of different equipment and accessories from siphoning and filtering systems to hosing attachments that take your fermenting to the next level. A great selection of stainless steel brewing products.

Storage options from a wide array of glass bottles and jugs with various sizes from 375ml to 1 gallon (4L). Many types of stoppers such as rubber bungs, tapered cork, bottle corks, screw on caps, and more! Browse oak casks and barrels for bulk aging and conditioning your beverages. 

  • ADDITIVES - Alpha Amlyase Enzyme 4g

    Alpha Amlyase Enzyme 4g

    High purity enzyme, converts starches into sugars