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Alcohol Supplies

Kettles and Brewing Pots are necessary for dissolving sugar and if you plan on mashing grains for enhanced flavour and colour. Our large volume, thick gauge stainless steel pots and fittings are excellent value and perfect for brewing. Pots provide you the basic, cost-effective startup for brewing at home, simply pair with a thermometer and grain bag when brewing a mash. Simple equipment that can last a lifetime with proper care.

Fermenting equipment is an absolute must have when fermenting any beverage. It’s in these containers and accessories that your sugar wash ferments into alcohol. Browse primary fermenters like easy to clean plastic pails, secondary fermenters like glass carboys with limited head space, and other systems like conical single-stage fermenters, glass jugs and more. Also proper airlocks and bungs to seal your fermenters safely and heating belts to ensure proper temperature. 

Transferring and racking equipment such as J-Tubes, siphons, and pumps is what you’ll be dependent on for moving your wash back and forth between containers. When transferring into a primary fermenter, racking to a secondary fermenter, and eventually into bottles, you’ll want transferring and racking equipment that you are comfortable using. 

Testing and Measuring equipment like hydrometers, thermometers, and  acid test kits are necessary to measure different aspects of your wash. You’ll need a hydrometer to measure sugar levels as you monitor fermentation and calculate your final ABV %, a thermometer to monitor temperature during fermentation and storage, and acid test kits to monitor the acid levels in your beer. A proof and traille hydrometer is for measuring higher alcohol percentages.