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    Coopers DIY canned beer kits are a classic staple of homebrewing and an economical way to make 23L (6 gal) of beer at home. They come in a wide variety of styles and render 2.5 two fours of standard beer bottles at (4 - 5% ABV) depending on the style. They consist of a concentrated pre-hopped Liquid Malt that needs to be reconstituted with water. They also require either additional dextrose and/or dry malt extract to raise the sugar level and add body. Kits complete in approximately 4 weeks.

    Coopers DIY kits can be further customized with specialty malts and additives such as orange peels to create your own flavours or replicate popular beer brands. For recipes and recommendations see here.

    Note: Dry Malt and/or dextrose for fermentation not included. Dextrose sugar is necessary for bottle fermentation and sold separately. Equipment and caps are sold separately.

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