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COVID-19 Response - CURBSIDE PICKUP from M-F 9am-5pm. Sat. 10-2 - DOORS ARE CLOSED - Winery open by appointment only
COVID-19 Response - CURBSIDE PICKUP from M-F 9am-5pm. Sat. 10-2 - DOORS ARE CLOSED - Winery open by appointment only

Beer Making Kits

Beer Kits are a great way to brew your own homemade beer! They come in a variety of styles and flavours, but there are few things common to all. All beer kits come with the necessary ingredients, whether they be pre-hopped wort, wort concentrate, or fresh raw ingredients, and they all come with brewers yeast and instructions. The main styles of beer kits are pre-hopped sterile wort, pre-hopped canned concentrate, cider pouches, partial mash, and all-grain. 

Pre-hopped sterile wort from Festa Brew is the ultimate no-hassle way to brew 23L (6 gallons) of beer. Simply empty the contents of the wort bag into a primary fermenter and pitch your specialty brewers yeast that is included - it really couldn’t be more simple. From Lager to Stout there are a number of flavour options. 

Pre-hopped canned concentrate kits, like Coopers kits, are another way to brew 23L (6 gallons) of beer. These kits contain hopped liquid malt extract that must be mixed with hot water and then have either dextrose sugar or dry malt extract added to them. Once this is done and the wort is cool, they can be fermented with the brewers yeast included. They are available in a wide variety of flavour options. They can be further tailored to replicate styles you enjoy - browse our chart to see how. 

Partial Mash Kits, or extract brewing, gives you some extra control and involvement in the brewing process. These kits use unhopped liquid malt extract that must be boiled with fresh hop pellets. Some kits may also include specialty grains that can be steeped to influence flavour, colour, and body as well as dry malt extract. They come with specialty brewers yeast selected for the style that is chosen and generally make 20L (5 gallons). Since you are working with raw ingredients it is easy to influence the character of your beer with more or less hops of your choosing, different specialty grains, adjuncts like oatmeal or flaked wheat, and more. 

All Grain Kits are the ultimate way to brew beer from the freshest of ingredients in the traditional way. You also have a great deal of control over the ingredients and therefore character of the beer when brewing from all-grain. These kits use the original source of beer sugars, the grains themselves, to create the wort. Recipes come in a variety of flavours each with different combinations of malted grains, adjuncts, hops, and brewers yeast. They generally make 20L (5 gallons). When brewing these kits you will have to “mash” the sugars from the grains and then boil the resulting liquid with the hops to create your wort. Recipes include detailed instructions on how to brew. 

Brewing Equipment, bottles, and priming sugar (dextrose) sold separately. 

If you are looking for more specific information on beer making, the different options, general process, and necessary equipment check out our blog!