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Carboy Mop - Mop Replacement

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  • Takes the hassle out of cleaning carboys. Having clean equipment is a number one priority for home brewing and winemaking as it is often the difference between a good batch and a bad one.
  • Replaceable soft mop head for scrubbing. Scrubbing with this material will not leave scratches on the glass unlike other methods. Scratches are important to avoid because they are areas where bacteria can grow and fester.
  • Long metal column that can easily reach the bottom of a 23L carboy and attach simply onto a household power drill.


A replacement mop head for the carboy mop.


  1. Simply fill carboy part way with cleaning solution such as Sodium, Metabisulphite , diversol, aspetox, or Star San
  2. Attach the carboy mop onto a power drill
  3. Submerge mop into the cleaning solution and then power the drill to spin the mop. Continue until the carboy is clean.

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