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4 Week Wine Kits

4 week wine kits are a great way to produce 30; 750ml wine bottles of homemade wine quickly. Each wine kit contains: a concentrated grape juice bladder along with all the necessary additives, such as stabilizers, clarifying agents, and oak chips to produce the chosen style. Many varieties are available. In addition, each kit comes with step-by-step instructions on how to make the wine from fermentation to bottling. Alcohol content ranges from 11.5% to 13% 

Brands are differentiated by style and quality. Elite 4 week kits are value-oriented and make good every day table wine. California Ultra and California Connoisseur kits mimic easy drinking California styles. European Ultra and European Select resemble standard European styles and tend to feature oak chips. Cheeky Monkey is a near premium quality kit that has a larger, high quality grape concentrate bladder to produce bolder wines. These kits are crafted from a specific grape variety or blend from a designated part of the world.


Note: wine making equipment and wine corks are sold separately.