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Frequently Asked Questions

Wine Making Questions

I'm new, how do I make wine?

Why do people make there own wine?

What if I make a mistake on wine making?

What do I need to start making wine?

How to make wine from Grape Juice

How do I use a hydrometer? What is Specific Gravity?

The airlock stopped bubbling, is my wine done?

Do I have to Boil the corks before I bottle?

Problems with my wine

My wine won't stop fermenting

My wine is not fermenting

My wine is not clearing

My wine tastes harsh

Tips and Tricks

Save your wine when bottling

Bulk aging wine in a Carboy

Do I really need to filter my wine?

Other Questions

What's the best way to add the yeast?

What is degassing, and do I need to do it?

Beer Making Questions


What's the difference between "Cara" in Caramunich and Munich?



Comparing Glass Carboys

What sized rubber bung do I need for my carboy?